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The day after the senseless killing of Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan, Kaitlyn Riley, a senior at Elk Grove High School, decided she wanted to do something to keep Tara’s memory alive as well as show her appreciation for law enforcement. The result was an idea to make “thin blue line” paracord bracelets and hand them out to every law enforcement officer she ran across. The first bracelets handed out were to the officers watching over Tara, and in time, Kaitlyn was able to meet with the families of fallen officers Natalie Corona, Tara O’Sullivan, and Brian Ishmael to present them with bracelets of their own. As word of her handmade paracord bracelets spread and the interest from both law enforcement and the public increased, Kaitlyn enlisted the help of her sister Courtney to
keep up with demand. Donations from the first wave of bracelets are going to the Tara O’Sullivan Memorial Fund.


Kaitlyn has now partnered with the End of Watch Fund to make her bracelets available to anyone across the country that would like to show their support for law enforcement and the difficult jobs they do. In addition to the bracelets, “thin blue line” key chains are also available.

Thin Blue Line Paracord Bracelet

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